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Make a Million Dollars a Month Selling Online – Ecommerce Design is as Simple as 1-2-3!

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team January 05, 2009

Selling on the web.  What could be easier?  Customers come to your web site, select what they want to purchase, complete the transaction and you get paid.  A good e-commerce design and you'll make money while you sleep, right?


E-commerce is not automatic, nor is it as simple as pushing a button.  Done right, e-commerce can be a vital part of your business.  But like any sales effort it takes care and attention if you want to see any success.  To get started, the first thing you need is a solid e-commerce design.

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Email Editor Name Contest

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team December 19, 2008

How can a creative agency run out of ideas? When we use them all up on our clients.  The truth is, when it comes to spending creative energy on our own company, we sometimes feel like we're laced with creative kryptonite. We are rendered useless.  We need your help.

ImageWorks is announcing the launch of our new email editor.  It's the email editor that needs a name.

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Synchronizing your brand image with your customers' buying habits

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team November 21, 2008

What do customers see when they interact with your brand? Are you projecting your ideas or taking the time to discover and listen to your customers’ wants and needs? In order to achieve success in marketing, it is critical that your image and message are based on what your customers are looking for from the outside looking in, not what a company wants to project from the inside out.

The first step in synchronizing your brand with your customers’ buying habits is to take a hard look at what your business is all about.

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Slow Economy? Keep on Marketing!

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team July 29, 2008

With consumers and businesses being hit with rising gas prices and a stagnant economy, it is easy to assume that we are either in a recession, or heading in that direction. Either way, you need to understand some key marketing facts to be sure that your business thrives in a less-than-optimal economy.

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Upcoming Webinar: Building and Promoting your Small Business Brand

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team July 09, 2008

ImageWorks will lead an interactive Webinar which will address marketing and branding for small and medium businesses.

With the economy slowing down it is essential to "out-market" your competition and make the customer's choice of vendors an easy one. With a focus on increased revenue through proven marketing strategies and brand elements, this series promised to be insightful and will give you expert advice for promoting your business via online and offline strategies.

Sign up is FREE, but the information is invaluable.

Sign up now, don't miss it!

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Food Cost Solutions Partner Gains Major Marketing Edge

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team June 23, 2008

Washington, DC – June 23, 2008 – ImageWorks Studio has announced a strategic partnership with Food Buyers Network, and plans to offer innovative marketing solutions to independent restaurants and regional chains.

ImageWorks Studio, a marketing and branding firm, announced today its partnership with Food Buyers Network, which will compliment the consultative- and membership-based services offered through the food cost solutions partner.

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