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SuiteBriar Site Screenshot

SuiteBriar Website Reveal!

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team March 16, 2018

Here at ImageWorks, we love seeing our hard work pay off! We were tasked with creating the logo, brand identity, and website for SuiteBriar. After weeks of planning, preparation, meetings, numerous cups of coffee, and lots of hard work, SuiteBriar’s website is live!

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Is Machine Learning Taking Over Marketing?

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team March 12, 2018

We’ve all heard the claims that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will slowly take over jobs until there are very few left. Is this a real danger? We don’t know. We can’t predict the future, but what we do know is that machine learning is a tool that is making a lot of our jobs in the marketing world much easier.

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Why Organic SEO is Vital to Your Digital Marketing—Ignoring it Will Hurt Your Bottom Line

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team March 01, 2018


What does SEO do? Search engine optimization (SEO) ensures that when a consumer searches for a product you offer, they find you first—and not a competitor. SEO is all about ranking high on search engines, be it Google or Bing. According to GE Capital Retail Bank, 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases (Hubspot). And of this, 60% of consumers begin their research on a search engine before heading to a specific website (Minewhat). You can’t afford to not be found on search engines.

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ImageWorks Creative Named as a Top 24 Agency in DC!

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team January 23, 2018

Question: How do you know when you can trust an agency with your business?

Answer: By finding out what others say about them!

For the second time, ImageWorks Creative has been named as one of the top 24 web design agencies in Washington DC by! We are proud to once again be recognized for our experience and skills.

See the full article here.

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You Need a Video in 2018!

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team January 05, 2018

One of our New Year's Resolutions at ImageWorks is to help our clients share more via video. Videos get noticed more, viewed more, rank higher in search engines, and engage your clients far more than static content.

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Hot Topic: Heat Maps! What They Tell You About Your Website Experience

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team November 09, 2017

Assessing your website traffic is analytical process driven by numbers and visitor behavior. How many people are clicking a certain page? How much time are people spending on my page? These are all great measures of your website’s performance; however, did you ever stop and think about their clicking behavior? This is where heat maps come in.

What are Heat Maps?

Heat Maps are a visual representation of your site’s engagement. Heat Maps represent where your website’s visitors looking, clicking, and the frequency of their clicks.

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What Affects Local Search Rankings? Hint, it Starts With Proximity

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team November 09, 2017

Technological advancement has taken marketing to a whole new level. Let’s face it, technology has simplified our lives to the point where typing has become a nuisance. Who needs to type when you’ve got your own digital assistant!

“Siri, name marketing agencies near me”

“Alexa, what are the best Thai restaurants near me?”

“Cortana, how much is a flight to LAX from IAD?”

As a business owner or manager, your goal is to take advantage of these online searches and optimize your marketing to specifically target those located near you!

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Drupal or WordPress Choose the Right CMS for Your Business

Drupal VS WordPress? Which CMS is Right for Your Business

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team October 14, 2017

Whether you are creating a business or personal website, you might be wondering what content management system is the best option for your needs. Today, you can choose from a variety of CMS options, including Drupal vs WordPress CMS. Both choices offer advantages, but also have their drawbacks.

vs Drupal CMS

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What type of “Creative Agency” is right for your Business?

Posted by ImageWorks Creative Team October 13, 2017

I know what it takes to successfully launch and market a business.

We began in 1996, referring to Image Works as a “studio.” But, instead of prospects reaching out for our online web, branding and marketing skills, they were calling for us to shoot a film. Getting mixed up with the Sony ImageWorks brand caused a tad bit of confusion, and we decided to change our name in early 2000 to ImageWorks Creative – and since then, we’ve been crystal clear that we’re a full-service creative agency.

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